Great Divide excerpt for Christian Fiction Friday

I’m participating in my first blog hop and excited to do so. Below is an excerpt from my book _Great Divide_ from the very first chapter. I hope it makes you smile. Christian Fiction Friday!


I was almost there when I met Aslan. He looked strange. His face was misshapen. There were little bulges all around his cheeks. I immediately thought that wasps must have stung him! My heart was moved with compassion! I hurdled towards him with my last ounce of strength when I realized this was not the case. He had a mouth full of the eggs I had just collected! Outraged I yelled one of our new training commands we had just learned at Puppy Training. “Leave it!”

He did, he immediately and obediently opened his mouth to let 3 eggs (one of them bantam size) drop and crack at my feet. Now, I was mad, bent out of shape and about to blow. I could feel my temperature rising. I grabbed his leash, without speaking a word although he apparently thought I’d be pulling out a liver treat for his quickness to follow the ‘leave it’ command and attached him to a tree. Cookie Doe was now bawling so loud that I’m sure she could have been heard a mile away.

Forty-five minutes later having finished up the milking, returned the girl goats to the yard, carefully securing the gate, cleaning up the spilled grain and broken eggs I walked into the house. I kenneled Aslan and headed straight for the shower, longing to go back to bed but understanding that the day had only begun, after all, it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet.

The children would likely wake while I was in the shower, so I’d have to hurry. Having just gotten my hair good and sudsy I heard a shrill scream. I stopped, cocked my head like a dog might do and listened. There it was again! A scream of terror! Something was wrong! Not even stopping to turn off the water I grabbed my towel as I sprinted from the bathroom, through my bedroom and into the living room where the two girls were standing and holding on to each other for dear life.

“What is it?” I gasped! Quickly taking in the scene, looking for blood and realizing that wearing only a towel I certainly wasn’t wearing a gun. Together, in one accord, eyes wide with fear they answered. “A MOUSE!”

Soap now stinging my eyes worse than the sweat had done earlier, I turned. Without a word I walked back through my room, back into the shower, ignoring the minor flood that now existed on the bathroom floor.



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