Love Continues…

Several years ago this week as we sat at the table doing our lessons. I commented on the upcoming Valentine Day and asked my youngest five what love is to them. They had some great answers. The one that struck me came from my 16yo daughter. She’s not often very vocal during classes. This time she spoke up.

“Love is my daddy.” She said timidly, with her head down a bit as if her answer might be considered silly. I asked her to tell me more.

“Love is a man who takes you into their house when they don’t have to and then they KEEP you, no matter what. That’s my daddy. Love is my daddy.”

Y’all, I fought hard to maintain my composure. It was a precious moment. What she was saying is that love doesn’t quit. It doesn’t give up. What she described was God’s love for us. He takes us. He keeps us. He doesn’t quit.

Love continues.

“Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.”

Hebrews 13:1

Those are a few words that pack a big wallop. How so? Well, lets menō here a while and #ponderthis .

Menō is the Greek word used in the verse that is tranlated here as ‘keep on’ and according tho the BLB Lexicon, it is a verb that means to remain or abide. As I often remind my children when discussing parts of speech. A verb is something you do. It’s an action you take.

The outline of Bible usage for this word (menō) in part –

*to sojourn, tarry

*to continue, be present

*to last, to endure

*to remain as one

Which of these caught your eye? Stirred your soul? The one that stood out for me is ‘to continue, to be present’.

I’m praying today that I will be present with those I love. I am praying that I will continue to love others even when they are unlovable. I am praying that I will keep on loving when it doesn’t feel right, when it isn’t convenient, when it isn’t responded to and when I don’t see the point.

In the end, love wins. ❤

Those were the words I texted to a very special former foster child who had texted me a thought that same evening. Her words hugged my heart from many miles away and across years of separation.

“You raised very magical roots in my heart – if it werent for that – my life would be very different.”

Love makes a difference.

Love is beautiful.

Love continues. ❤️

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