I guess it’s just human nature to resist being bound up. We will strain against against what we feel is holding us back.

Being stuck in a situation is not a place most people want to be. As a matter of fact, we may start desperately looking for ways out. We might even become desperate enough to make some less than wise decisions.

Whenever I think about being stuck I am immediately reminded of an MRI test I had done several years ago. I arrived for the appointment with no apprehension whatsoever. I was not concerned in the least. It never even occurred to me that this relatively short, non-invasive test would cause me any discomfort.

Then the moment came when they slid me into the scanner. I can only describe it as pure terror. I reacted as a terrified person does, unreasonably. I couldn’t move my shoulders. The solid plastic was inches above my face. I burst into tears and pleaded for the tech to ‘Get me out!’

He did as I asked and as I sobbed and tried not to hyperventilate, he assured me that my reaction was not uncommon and they had medicine on hand to help calm those who had this trouble.

A bit embarrassed by my outburst, I meekly swallowed the pills and waited the prescribed amount of time to continue the test. I didn’t feel completely assured, but was convinced enough to try again.

This time was indeed different. Instead of feeling terror and having tears, I felt total rage and aggression. The first time I had pleaded. This time I demanded angrily to ‘Get me out!’ I felt like Bruce Banner must feel before he turns into the Incredible Hulk!

Believe me, if I had had superhuman strength, I would have certainly caused great damage to that doughnut shaped coffin. When all was said and done, I sheepishly apologized and I was given an appointment to have an ‘open MRI’ at another facility for special cases like myself.

Recently I’ve been feeling stuck in a life situation, not a piece of medical equipment. I’ve been feeling like I’m out of options. It’s almost as uncomfortable as that MRI. My response has been troublesome.

Discouragement, irritation, frustration and yes, even anger sometimes, has been frolicking around in my mind and soul. My best efforts to reason with my struggling self aren’t overcoming the feeling of being stuck.

But you know? Feelings are fickle. Emotions are real and necessary, but they aren’t good decision makers.

The thing is though, the truth that you can rely on is this. God is faithful and He will make a way where there seems no way. He will provide a way out.

So take courage and a deep breath. Pray and ask God to reveal options that up until now you have been unaware of. Remember, you are praying to the way maker.


1 thought on “Stuck

  1. That’s very much what happened to me……the only difference is I didn’t take a medication. I will never forget it. It was horrible..

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