Hair Adventures

For years my girls have tried to convince me to let them braid my hair like they braid theirs. I flatly refused until a week ago on July 4th! I agreed to let my younger daughter (17) braid my bangs only. When she was done, I liked it enough to continue. My older daughter (18) joined in and I lost count of the hours they worked over a span of four days.

I actually had to go to work with it incomplete a couple of days. The girls deftly arranged the braids, pulling them back, to hide the undone part.

I’m going to admit that I almost panicked the first time I ventured out into public. What would people think? How would they react? What would they say?

And then, I thought of the absolute delight that my girls expressed by having me ‘match’ them and of their hours of hard work. I found my courage and carried on.

By in large, people have responded positively and of course there were a few guffaws and lots of questions. So, here are a few answers.

This style is called yarn braids because you incorporate yarn, real yarn. This allows you to be very creative with colors.

This is not dread-locks or locks of any sort. Locks are true to their name and lock into your hair permanently as the fibers intertwine.

This is not what is referred to as crocheting hair. That style actually used a latch-hook and hair extensions. This can be confusing because we do use crochet yarn.

This is not the same as cornrows or scalp braids that can be tight and uncomfortable if done improperly. They can sometimes cause hair breakage and scalp problems.

The braids are super light (not heavy like added hair pieces). They are washable and can be dried with a warm air blower/dryer.

They can be easily removed because they are wrapped at the root and then braid into your own hair. As a matter of fact, this is considered a protective style and can results in impressive hair health and growth.

My girls keep there’s in about 3 months. I’ve only promised the month of July. But to be honest, I may keep this style for a long while. It saves me SO much time in the mornings getting ready. My hair was high maintenance with its kinky curls and tendency to frizz.

Honestly, I think it makes me look younger and it is fun to be ‘like’ my daughters. So, there you have it. That’s how I arrived at this summer hair adventure. I highly recommend you try something new in your life and have an adventure of your own this summer. Break some molds! Be brave!

6 thoughts on “Hair Adventures

  1. How interesting. I knew there were different types of braids but your explanation helped a lot. And I think you look great. The girls did a great job!

  2. Amazing work by the girls… you look absolutely stunning!

  3. Hallee Bridgeman July 17, 2018 — 5:55 am

    I love it! You look so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Halle! It’s fun and easy!

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