A Whisper in Our Ears

Today I am determined to be quiet in my spirit and listen for a whisper. It won’t be easy, but I am determined.

Did you ever notice how loud life can get? How noisy and demanding every day life can be? Schedules, appointments, decisions, deadlines, conflicts… Even when everything is going smoothly, it’s going at such a fast pace we can hardly keep our balance.

I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed thinking of all I want to accomplish, especially with my writing. I feel hard pressed for time. I feel hard pressed to do things right. I feel hard pressed to do more. And then, sometimes I begin to wonder who I think I am attempting the things I attempt. That’s not the whisper I’ll be listening for today.

If I’m not careful I may begin to wonder exactly what I think I am doing and why? Doubt and confusion will gladly crowd in my mind until I am weary of it all. That’s not the whisper I’ll be listening for.

Realizing that you’ve stepped far out of your league and must rely on the Lord rather than yourself can be very humbling. It can also be very comforting once I focus on Him and His abilities rather than my own. He loves me. He knows what I need to hear. That’s the whisper I’ll be listening for.

But, my child, let me give you some further advice: Be careful, for writing books is endless, and much study wears you out. (Ecclesiastes 12:12 NLT)

I often say this. “If He doesn’t whisper in my ear, I’ve truly got nothing to say.” So, there you have it, that’s why I’ll be listening for a whisper, His whisper and then I’ll shout it from the rooftops. If He whispers it, it’s worth listening to, repeating and writing.

What I tell you now in the darkness, shout abroad when daybreak comes. What I whisper in your ear, shout from the housetops for all to hear! (Matthew 10:27 NLT)

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