Treasured Treasures

I thought y’all might be blessed by this. Several of my children were older child adoptions and we have no baby pictures of any sort. One of my daughters has a phenomenal talent for sketching (never had lessons) and it has really blossomed this year. As a matter of fact, she sketched what she felt like my character, Tessie, looked like for the cover of my second book.

A while back she surprised me with two more sketches. She knew that we have lost two babies prior to becoming foster parents and adopting our seven. She drew me what she thought they would look like and it astounded me. I honestly felt as if she had been given a special insight into a reality I can not see.

A couple of weeks later she sketched me, a much younger me. It made me so happy to see how she saw me. She did a beautiful job and I will treasure these drawings.

So, I told her I wanted to commission her to sketch herself, her sister and one of our sons. I wanted her to sketch baby pictures of what she thought they had looked like. Today she gave them to me and I wouldn’t take anything for them.

The details are amazing! The eyes are so real! My heart is so blessed. Just imagine that at age six, as an angry and neglected child, a part of a sibling group of three, many would have labeled her unadoptable. I will never cease to thank God for the opportunity to be her mother.

Over 100,000 children are waiting in the foster care system, ready for adoptive families. How many other hidden talents and God-given abilities are among them. They are treasures and should be treasured!

2 thoughts on “Treasured Treasures

  1. What a blessing she is!! And so talented!! You must be extremely proud of the young woman she has become! 💜💜

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