I am thankful for my own mother, of course. But I’m also thankful for so many other mothers. I am thankful for grandmothers, step-mothers, mothers-in-law, foster mothers, birth mothers, adoptive mothers, and spiritual mothers.

Mothers help shape the future of the world with loving reprimands, stern looks and swift consequences.

Mothers are often overworked, sometimes overlooked and quite often overwhelmed.

Mothers will sacrifice sleep, postpone careers and rearrange their lives.

Mothers make a difference, day in and day out, when no one notices or gives them a shout.

Mothers bandage scraped knees, soothe broken hearts and repair broken brackets.

Mothers bemoan their failings, keep trying in spite of them and determine to do better.

Mothers cry when they’re happy, they cry when they’re sad and sometimes even when they laugh.

Mothers might worry too much, fret too often and ask way too many questions.

Mothers have high hopes, great expectations and undaunted dreams.

Mothers are intrepid, courageous and strong!

Mothers are listeners, counselors and advisors.

Mothers are beautiful, unique and proud.

Mothers are miracles of love and devotion.

Mothers are encouraging, inspiring and believe in you when no one else does.

Mothers pray fervently and forgive freely.

Thank God for the gift of mothers!

2 thoughts on “Mothers

  1. Mothers change lives and the world. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I hope your day was extraordinarily special, just like you.

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