“Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.” Luke 24:45 NIV

That single verse has been spoken in prayer many times from my lips. ‘Open our minds so that we can understand’.

This is from the passage in Luke that describes the events that occurred on the very first Emmaus Walk. It was on this famous walk that the eyes of two disciples were opened to His presence and they knew Him. As they recounted the event to the others, Jesus appeared to the whole group and began to teach them.

Even after knowing Him personally, walking with Him, sitting under His teaching, they needed their minds to be opened so they could understand Scriptures.

Please don’t avoid scripture study because you struggle to understand. You’re not alone in that struggle.

Don’t hesitate to ask The Lord to open your mind so that you can understand. He will help you see what you did not see before.

But, be prepared to be convicted, challenged and then choose. Once your blinded eyes are opened, once you ‘see’, there will be choices to make, changes, and hard decisions.

But oh the joy of seeing and hearing and understanding the truth in Scripture. We will never be the same again. When we are grieving, we can find comfort. When we are alone we find a friend. When we are confused we find clarity. When we are afraid we find peace. When we are weary we can find rest.

Today is a perfect day to begin again and commit to studying the Word of God. If it’s been a while or if life has been too busy, this is your moment to meet with Jesus and let Him open your mind so that you can understand.

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