This Love – Such Glorious Love

I know I must write about the glorious love that led to this day, this day in between. Jesus has been crucified and has not yet risen from His grave. And yet, I find myself at a loss for adequate words to describe what I am feeling. 

As I contemplate the evidence of such great love, I can’t seem to express the tremendous emotions that well up within my heart.

As I consider how greatly I am loved and how much that love cost. But this is what I know. This was a glorious love that has changed my life and the lives of millions.

This was powerful love that redeemed my soul.

This was courageous love that defeated death.

This was valiant love that defended me to the end.

This was extreme love that died so that I could live. 

This is a treasured love that when shared increases.

This is a generous love that offers forgiveness.

This is a perfect love that is given to imperfect people.

This is a pure love that is beyond any other love we can know.

This love is precious and priceless, yet freely given.

This love made Him vulnerable for us so that we could make ourselves vulnerable for each other.

This is a love that empowers and strengthens when we feel weak.

This is a love that heals body, mind and spirit. 

This is a love that satisfies the soul.

This is a love that rejoices in spite of hardship.

This is a love worth embracing and making your own.

This is a love that transforms the way you think and live.

This is a love that can not be silenced.

This is a love that rejects injustice. 

This love held Jesus to the cross. This love raised Him up again.

This love does the same for us as we die to self and are made new again.

This love comforts us when we grieve.

This love holds us up when we are weary.

This love carries us when we just can’t go on.

This love, such glorious love, can be yours. 


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