I’m So Over It!









So many people this very week, people I care about, have shared with me these words, these feelings, these struggles. The result, anxiety, tears, anger, frustration, depression, panic.

It’s an epidemic. We continue to pile more on ourselves, expect more of ourselves, demand more of ourselves, require more of ourselves until the inevitable occurs.

Listen, here is what I’m telling myself this morning and what I’m asking you to consider. If at some point today, this very day, with so much to do, you grabbed your chest in pain, ended up in the ER and were told you’ve had a heart-attack, would you be able to slow down then? Would you be less available then? Would you heed the warning signs then?

I believe you would. I certainly hope I would. And furthermore, I hope it doesn’t have to come to that before I admit my limits and make changes. Why? Because you are worth it and so am I. We so often under-value our own well-being, that we simply feel selfish to say no, that’s enough, I can’t, I am overdone and I am worth some healthy limitations.

Okay, so maybe you’ll be disappointed. You may even disappoint others. Maybe you can’t do it all today. Maybe there might be a delay in what you were aiming to do. That’s okay. This is one season, one chapter, one part of your story. It is not the end of your story.

Tomorrow is another day and next week will have different dynamics and next year will offer more opportunities. You may not can do it all at this moment, but you can quite possibly do it all later, a little at a time, over time.

I’m praying for peace, direction, clarity, understanding and courage for myself, for you who read this and for those I know and love. I’m asking God to give us the strength and humility to accept our own limits of time, energy and resources. I’m asking God to help us take courage and do or undo what we should.

Love and prayers,


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