Let it Go

Don’t allow derailed hopes and dreams prevent you from moving forward. Let it go.

Stephanie Rodda

It’s a wonderful thing to have hopes and dreams. We are encouraged and given the strength to press on during times of hardship many times by reminding ourselves that we don’t plan to be where we are forever. If you are a planner, then you have likely plotted the manner in which you intend to get to that destination. As for me, I’m always happiest with a plan in place.

The thing about hopes and dreams and even plans is they usually involve other people. Other people can sure mess the plans up! Have you ever noticed? Just when you’ve got it all worked out, neat and tidy, another person, with their own choices (sometimes stubborn and foolish) derails your train of thought.

To add insult to injury, if these people were in a position to derail us, they are likely people we care deeply about. We’re talking your own…

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