Release Day! Take 2!

My second book is published and ready to be ordered and read as of December 1, 2016. I had hoped to have it done months ago, but I’ve done the very best I could as a #momofmany. It has NOT been easy. But it has also been a beautiful experience and if I do say so myself, it is a story with merit. 

Tessie and Hank’s story continues in Unplanned Twists and as they face new challenges they once again rely on faith and family to make it through. It is my hope that this book will give you hope. During uncertain times, we need a place where we can withstand the storms of life. That place is hope. 

Hope proclaims that tomorrow is another day and our future is not written in stone and that when we are afraid, we are never alone. Hope says we don’t have to be afraid of the deep things of God. We can dive in because hope floats. 

One of the most terrifying moments of the book is when the family faces a tornado, hence ‘Unplanned Twists’. But, that isn’t the only twist. Tessie also has to confront her fear of answering a calling into a new area of ministry. She is reminded that there are many hurting souls and much opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter. 

My daughter and I were talking one day about the new book and the cover design. She’s only 15 but also an aspiring writer and a budding talent with her sketches. She drew this for me of what she thought Tessie looked like. I used it as is on the cover of Unplanned Twists. 

She is so proud of her beautiful drawing and I am so proud of my beautiful daughter. The first six years of her life were filled with darkness. She has chosen to embrace the light of love and hope through her own faith. The little sassy Emily in the story is inspired by her. 

This book was dedicated to my beautiful mother and grandmother whom I credit for loving me so extravagantly that it could not help but to flow over into the lives around me. I must also give my editor, Audrey Braxton Pitt; she went far above what would be expected with her insights and skills. She was such an encouragement and particularly enjoys working with #indieauthors .

If by any chance you are local, please consider yourself invited to an Author Expo that I’m helping to organize on December 10, 2016. Not only will this be my official book signing for the new book, I’ll be joined by more than a dozen other Alabama authors who will also be signing and selling their books. 

Chelsea General Store is hosting us in combination with their Christmas Open-house. It’s going to be a great day of music, fun, food and shopping. 

If you aren’t able to join us, you can still get your copy of either of my books at by typing my name in the search window. 

And please, pretty please, after you’ve read the books, task a moment and post a review on Amazon. That truly makes a difference. It not only encourages me, it influences others who may be considering trying this new author. As I said earlier, I know I’m just a small minnow in the vast ocean of published books, but hey, at least I’m in the pond. 


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