My dear friend who is serving on the Mercy Ship has shared her heart and wisdom. Enjoy!

Brenda Braxton

I was about four years old. My parents were divorced and my father, brother, and I lived with my grandparents. On a Saturday morning, I was given a choice: go shopping with my grandmother, or go with my daddy to the home of a woman he was dating to swim with her little boy. I agonized over that decision. I loved shopping with my grandmother, and I knew she would buy me something. But I didn’t get to go places with Daddy often, and swimming sounded fun, and I was curious about the little boy. Finally, I announced my decision: I wanted to do both.
“You can’t do both,” Nannie said. “We’re going at the same time.”
“I want to do both at the same time.” Seemed simple enough to me.
“You can’t be two places at once.” Nannie sounded exaspterated, as if she thought I should already know this…

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Beautifully written! Thank you for the reminder!

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