Beautiful Brokenness 

Are you in a place of brokenness?
Are you in the process of mending?
Are you in a place that causes you to reach out for help, to trust, to turn to Jesus?
If so, you are in the right place to become whole again, to be made even more beautiful because of your brokenness.
“kintsukuroi” the art of repairing brokenness so that the vessel is more beautiful than before it was broken.

Stephanie Rodda

People are strange creatures sometimes. Don’t you think? Well, I know I certainly can be. I tend to be much more open about past struggles. You know, the ones I’ve faced and already came out on the other side of.
But, when I’m struggling in the moment, as in this very moment, I tend to be very quiet about it. When it would seem I should be yelling for help or in alarm, I take a step back and wait and watch. Perhaps I need to see how it all turns out first? Maybe I’m just not sure what to say?
So it has been the last few weeks. It all started with five of my children being diagnosed with mycoplasma (walking pneumonia) and then shortly thereafter one of my teen daughters having an appendectomy. Now, none of this was fun but, it was doable. You go to the doctor…

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