Mommas Have Skills Too!

You know, I think it’s a shame that moms (like myself) who haven’t worked outside the home for a decade or two are considered to have no marketable value when they are ready to enter the workforce again. Mommas have skills too!
All morning long, I’ve made phone calls, scheduled appointments, provided pertinent information, rearranged schedules, consulted calendars and done it all in an orderly fashion. I’d make somebody a good secretary or whatever they call it today. Administrative assistant? 
Moms in general don’t get the credit they deserve I think. As a homeschooler for instance I plan field trips, referee student interactions, grade, review, answer questions, deal with disgruntled parents (ok, that’s me, but still) and plan lunch and snacks too. I’d make asomeone a good teachers aide or school counselor or something. 
What about managing this house and making sure no birthdays are forgotten? What about making sure everyone has clean socks and a pair of tennies that fit their ever-growing feet? What about menu planning, food-preparing and kitchen cleaning? I’d make someone a good short-order cook, restaurant manager, personal shopper or something. 
Don’t forget, administering meds, transportation to and from countless appointments and bandages on boo-boos (or finger splints). Do you know how many children I’ve nursed back to health from wisdom teeth extractions, appendectomies, broken bones, tonsillectomies and comforted through orthodontic braces? I’d make someone a good nursing assistant or chauffeur or medical aid or something. 

Oh, and I’m greatly experienced at promoting spiritual growth, encouraging scripture memory, listening to heartaches and heart breaks, comforting the grieving, inspiring folks to consider foster-care or adoption, leading small groups, marriage counseling and helping mommas like me through a challenging day. I’d make someone a good therapist, chaplain, preacher or something. 

I salute all you mommas who may feel unappreciated at times, whose efforts are often over looked, who may appear to be wasting themselves and their talents. You are valuable. You are making a difference. Hey, mommas have skills too!


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this! Thanks for saying it. As I start to look at work outside the home – teaching yoga – I think of all the skills I have that are dormant. Excellent post, Miss Stephanie!

    1. Thanks Nicole. I think it is so cool that your volunteer work, your blogging and even your tv appearances all led up to this new career field. You’re going to be fantastic!

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