Moments Matter

Here’s the thing I want to say today to myself and to lots of other folks that I love and care about. Heck, I even want to say it to you if you are someone I haven’t ever even met. Here is what I want to say to us all. Moments matter.

You have been given this life, this day, this moment to breathe and inspire and learn and love. And yes, sometimes it is a moment to grieve and heal and recognize loss. Before you have even finished reading this short blog entry, one moment will have passed and another will be before you. Moments matter.

I think in this day of hurry up and get to the next thing we sometimes fall into the mentality of being too busy to pick up a penny and too careless with the moments in our hand. We think we must wait for the big moments and spend all of the other moments preparing for them. What we don’t realize is that every moment matters.

Right this moment, this very moment, I have opportunities that may never come my way again. That opportunity may be to rest and refresh myself. That opportunity may be to pray to a God who is listening on behalf of a friend who is hurting. That opportunity may be to write or sing or dance or be still. It may be to pause and consider. It may be to take action and to do so quickly. Moments matter.

Let’s face it, if we could, there would be a few moments that we would retrieve and a few that have caused us some regrets. We can hope we don’t make those same mistakes and have learned better. However, there will be new moments where we will rush through, speak rashly, stumble in our haste, lose our temper, speak unkindly or make a mess of things. Here’s the thing, even those moments matter.

Do you know why moments matter? They matter because people matter.  They matter because you matter. Your thoughts, your actions, your hopes, your dreams, even your worst moments matter. Your pain, your struggles, your disappointments, even the apparently insignificant moments matter.

If we aren’t careful, in this time we live in where we are flooded with images of horrific moments, history making moments, newsworthy moments and moments that leave us feeling powerless, we will overlook the moments right before us. These are the moments that we can choose to embrace, choose to learn and grow from, choose to lavish upon those we care for and by doing so be empowered. Moments matter.




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