The In-Between Dad

Happy Father’s Day!
We don’t have to have the perfect dad to celebrate this day!

Stephanie Rodda

There will be a few of you who read this who have a dad that the greeting cards describe. You know, the perfect dad, the dad who was always there, the dad who supported you, the dad who protected you, the dad who didn’t traumatize you, abandon you, come late into your life, impact your life negatively in some manner or tear your family apart. I think that is amazing if you do. I truly do. But, then there’s the rest of the world and their experience isn’t quite the same.

So, what do you do when it seems the whole world is celebrating and you have nothing to celebrate? I honestly don’t think anything has quite the same impact on a person’s life as a broken or strained or abusive relationship with a father. It is a unique kind of pain and can cause trust and relationship issues enormously…

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