Is Love Black and White?

“You don’t fall into it. You don’t fall out of it. You decide. You choose. You commit. You determine. You take a chance. You risk everything. You love.”

Stephanie Rodda

Ask a lot of folks about love, about relationships, about family and they’ll offer a disclaimer, “It’s complicated.” Perhaps they are right with their perspective but, I have a different view. It’s rather black and white.

I think love can be at it’s very core very simple and straightforward. I’d go as far as to say it is black and white. I believe the complications arise when we rely upon emotions and feelings versus choices and commitments.

I’ve had sincere people ask me with all honesty if it was really possible to love a child you adopted with the same depth as a child you birthed. I always assure them that yes, absolutely it is possible. I often see the hope reflected in their eyes that I am right but, a bit of skepticism bordering that hope like a thin veil of protection keeps them from fully embracing it.


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