Things Are About to Change 

This is why I write. I shared these words at SCWC last year and they still hold true.

I write because I want to give cause for pause. What I mean, is I want them to stop for a moment and reconsider what they think they already know and be willing to think different thoughts with a new perspective.

Today, if you’re convinced things are how they are and always will be, please take a moment and take cause for pause. Things truly are about to change.

Stephanie Rodda

I was honored to be able to speak briefly during the Encouraging Words session at the Southern Chistian Writer’s Conference in Tuscaloosa last weekend, June 5, 2015. This blog post is that inspirational speech that I gave there. I hope the words will inspire you as well. All of us have dreams and aspirations. With a few determined steps – Things are about to change!


When the Sloans asked me to speak my first thought was “But, I haven’t published anything yet.” And then my next thought was, neither have most of you. And so today, I say what I say as a fellow wannabe that’s still in the trenches with you.

No, we have not yet arrived. We have not yet reached our final goal, but, we are here and ready to take the next step of our journey. We may still be in the trenches but we…

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