Celebrate Your Momma!

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do visions of Hallmark commercials dance before your eyes? Do memories of yesterday cloud your vision of today? Do you have high expectations? Do you determine how your day went with a measuring stick of comparison? Do you want to honor your mom but feel lacking?

Let’s think this through together and be honest about it. Heck, let’s make a list.  

Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

1 – TIME 

Take time to call, to visit, to give a hug in person, to play a board game, to eat a meal together, to sit on the porch and chat, to show her she is important, appreciated and loved. 

2 – Adventures

Go somewhere together. Visit the museum and laugh at the funny art. Go to a botanical garden. How about the zoo? Attend a concert or take an art class. Pottery? Painting? How about ballroom dancing? Even a day at the library could be great fun. 

3 – Gifts

She deserves it but make sure you make it personal. Put some thought into it. Believe me, that’s what moms are longing for, a thoughtful gift. If she’s on a diet, don’t buy her a box of candy. If she just started yoga, get her a gift that says you noticed that. Do not buy her something that the household will use. That’s not a gift for her. Live flowers that I can plant and enjoy all spring and summer make me happy and my kiddos know that. What do you know about your mom?


Say I love you! Tell her in words that she made a difference in your life. Buy a card or post it on Facebook or Tweet it or make a call. Speak up and say it right out loud! “Thank you Mom! Thank you for loving me, trying your best and giving it your all.”  Let her know that you are praying for her, that she matters and that she is loved. Even retell a funny ‘mom moment’ and laugh together about it. 

For those who can not celebrate their mom, I want to say something special to you. If your mom was not there for you, didn’t try her best, made costly mistakes and bad choices, please hear me clearly. This is not a reflection on you or your value or your worth. It is a reflection of her brokenness. If you can find it in your heart, forgive her, even if you can’t have a healthy relationship with her, even if she doesn’t deserve it, this Mother’s Day, celebrate by setting yourself free from bitterness, resentment and anger. If you are that mother that made a mess of everything, forgive yourself and embrace hope for a better tomorrow. 

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