Have you ever watched a famous conductor of an orchestra? It’s a marvelous sight to behold. The really good ones are quite dramatic. The hands wave, the body bends, the hair flies! And the music, the music thrills the listener. It is breathtaking. 

As a mom of many, I spend a great deal of time orchestrating schedules, details, menus, plans, appointments and trips. It’s just part of my job description to figure out who needs to be where so they can do what they need to do when they need to do so. Sometimes I grow quite frustrated in my attempts as we all know, plans can so easily go awry. It is breathtaking. 

Holidays can really add to that frustration as we attempt to gather together with other folks at church or at home. What will everyone where? What will everyone eat? And let’s not forget, what will everyone think?  I saw several young mommas posting yesterday concerning meltdown moments. Breathtaking. 

There are times that in spite of our best efforts, it just all falls apart. Sometimes our best efforts leave us exhausted and frazzled. Many times the details we tried to work out land in a tangled mess of complications. Sometimes we wonder if it is worth the effort of even trying. Breathtaking. 

Look, I’m going to assure you of this one thing. If whatever is being planned involves people, you can count on difficulties. People are often difficult. Whether they’re three and defiant or fifteen and full of sass, they can push your wherewithal to its limits. Whether they’re the know it all relative, disgruntled young adult, demanding spouse, spiteful co-worker or nosey neighbor, people can be difficult. Heck, some folks just thrive on it. Breathtaking. 

Add a bit of extra heat like divorce, grudges, spitefulness and maybe a troubled past and things can escalate from a simmer to a full boil before you’ve realized it and wham, the next thing you know, a full boil over, a big mess. And who is supposed to clean that up anyway? 

Whatever happened yesterday, whatever may happen today or this week. Whether your plans went awry or if you are able to maintain that simmer without a boil over, here’s what I want to tell you. Here’s what I need to say to me as we try to catch our breath. 

No matter how much I may feel like it sometimes, I am not the great orchestrator of all things and all people, even ‘my’ people. The best thing I can do is pay attention to my own heart and keep it clean and do my best to influence and love and share the best that I have to offer. That best offering is Jesus. He is their Savior just as He is mine. The best I can offer is the sweet Holy Spirit. He is their teacher just as He is mine. The best I can offer is God the Father. He is the orchestrator of their lives just as He is mine.  He is breathtaking. 

Here is my prayer for those of us who have truly been trying our best just to realize we couldn’t juggle as well as we had hoped even with all of our practice. 

Father, I love you, I need you. Sometimes I wonder if the vast majority of what I do is a practice in futility. Sometimes I am weary. Sometimes in spite of my best intentions, things just don’t work out. Sometimes people that I love and care about are difficult. Sometimes that difficult person is me. Please help me to remember that you are perfect but people are not. Thank you for your love and grace and mercy. Without it, well, there would be no hope. Give me courage to step aside and allow You to do what you do best, orchestrate my life and the lives of those I love. Please, take our breathe away. Amen


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