Prayer-Worrier or Prayer-Warrior?

Empowered or cowered?
Warrior or worrier?

Stephanie Rodda

It seems only right somehow that I have struggled with writing this post. I deleted it twice and now still worrying if I will be able to clearly express what is on my heart. These thoughts started percolating in my mind last evening. I was singing my heart out as thousands around me did the same. We were worshiping. It was a beautiful moment, full of energy, full of passion. Suddenly, although I was surrounded by friends and family, I was alone. Well, it was as if I were alone. Just me, just my voice, just my God. If you’ve experienced the same type of moment I know you’re nodding your head in understanding. If you haven’t you may wonder at such mysteries.

I’m not going to say that a booming voice from the heavens spoke audibly to me. But, I am going to tell you that I believe with…

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