Happy New Year 2016!

The last few hours of 2015 are speeding by and I’ve been thinking of the many eventful moments of this past year. For one thing our #xlfamily has grown and promises to continue to grow as one son became married and one son became engaged. Also we were thrilled to see the miracle of adoption once again bless our family as we gained a new grand-nephew. 

A life long dream was fulfilled as my very first novel was published and I can finally say I’m an author! This year has provided many opportunities to write and hopefully inspire others to consider adoption in a new light as well as draw closer to God. 

There have been heart-wrenching moments too. Loved ones have faced difficult times. I said goodbye to one of my dearest friends until I see her again in eternity. 

All in all, I believe I can say without hesitation that I have lived large and loved large. The mistakes I made were made while I was trying to do my best and serve the Lord. The times I stumbled were when I was doing my best follow His leading and became distracted momentarily. Just like the scriptures say so truthfully, His glory is in these cracked clay jars so that He shines and others can be encouraged to try and forgive themselves for not being perfect. 

I’ll tell you what else, I have been generously loved and greatly encouraged by so many folks. My life has been made better because of you. Thank you for that. 

As 2016 arrives, I’ve dubbed it the Year of Love, I’m expecting some powerful, life altering, events. I’m anticipating moments that will leave me breathless with awe and wonder. I’m counting on God’s love to show up, show off and show out. How about you?!


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