Some Assembly Required

How many parents will tackle toy assembly this very night as preparations are made for Christmas morning? Instruction sheets will be studied carefully by some and ignored by others. Occasionally the instructions will be missing or in a foreign language that can make the task of assembly seem insurmountable. 

No matter how frustrating the process is, it must be conquered for the gift to be fully enjoyed. You can give up, grow frustrated or even convince someone else to help you but it must be done if it is to be assembled. 

This morning I was thinking about families and how they too sometimes need to be put together or put back together in some cases. 

Just as we’d like those doll houses and play kitchen sets to come fully assembled, we may wish the same could be said of our families. Oh how we would sigh with relief for a clear set of instructions. Perhaps if there were only a video tutorial to clarify things we wouldn’t make such a mess of it at times. 

Just like at the end of an attempted late night assembly session when we look at all the leftover bits and screws and wonder what we forgot to do, we sometimes realize we are holding pieces of family secrets and dramas that we really don’t know what to do with either. 

I want to tell you something that this momma knows and knows well. When it comes to families there is some assembly required. And more often than not, it’s complicated. After all there’s no such thing as a generic family with generic instructions. Each is unique. Each is fragile. Each is worth it. 

Take a moment to look at your family in its present state. Some complications are rather obvious. If a family has experienced a divorce or a death for instance, that is obvious. On the other hand, complications can occur from the most joyous of occasions. A marriage, the addition of a child whether by birth or adoption, changes everything. 

Suddenly, just when you thought you knew the way things are to go, you realize there is a missing page to the assembly instructions and you really don’t know what to do next. 

If you’re there, right there at that place of wondering how in the world things can possibly come together with so many extra pieces unaccounted for, take a deep breath and ask for help. Never forget that the Lord is concerned about what concerns you. His answers don’t always resemble our own solutions. But He does care and He cares for you. 

Not only does He care, He can do something about whatever the matter is. Look, that’s His speciality. People, relationships, families. He understands. I know He does because of the very thing we are celebrating today and tomorrow. Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

  1. So very true! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Families aren’t always easy but, they’re worth it.

  2. Reblogged this on Stephanie Rodda and commented:

    When it comes to families, some assembly may be required. Are you willing to follow the instructions?

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