‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

It is about this time of year that I can almost surely hear the ticking of a proverbial clock. Tick tock tick tock. Are you ready? Tick tock tick tock. Have you forgotten anything? Tick tock tick tick? Time is fleeting. 

One week from tonight is Christmas Eve and one more week will bring us to New Years Eve. The end of another year. Opportunities seized or lost, never to be had again in that exact manner. Memories made. Moments spent whether wisely or foolishly, never to be regained, relived, redeemed. 

Once again, although I determine every year, never again, I’ve overdone Christmas presents. Well, I suppose to some we are keeping it simple and to others we are being extravagant. It really matters where you’re standing I suppose. As for me, I’m standing in the midst of it, right smack dab in the middle. 

My perspective is a bit muddled. I vascilate from imagining their expressions of delight on Christmas morning to anxious thoughts of wondering if I made the right choices. Between my kids having half a dozen Nov/Dec birthdays and the holidays, I’ve been in overdrive for weeks. 

So, for a bit of comic relief and even a bit of serious contemplation, here is my version of a familiar poem. I’d enjoy so much reading a line or two of your version if you are so inclined. Merry Christmas. 

‘Twas the week before Christmas

When all through the house,

The children are fairly vibrating

And I’ve barely seen my spouse. 

I’m making my lists and 

I’m checking them twice

I can’t really keep up 

With who’s naughty or nice. 

Gifts still need wrapping

But, thankfully they’re all bought. 

I’m hoping no person or detail

Has escaped my thought. 

I’ve done my very best

I hope it’s enough

And if it isn’t 

I might just say ‘tough’. 

I need to start a menu. 

There’s a lot of us to feed. 

Somehow I must distinguish

Between what I want and what I need. 

So, here at this busiest of times

For so many moms like me,

I resolve to stop and kneel. 

To pray on bended knee. 

Keep my heart cheerful Lord. 

Keep my spirit sweet. 

Keep my patience from wearing thin

When the house is far from neat. 

Remind me that these children Lord

Are a reflection and a reminder

Of all that is right and good in the world. 

Please help me to be kinder. 


3 thoughts on “‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

  1. Reblogged this on Stephanie Rodda and commented:

    ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas
    When all through the house,
    the children are fairly vibrating
    And I’ve hardly seen my spouse…

    A favorite Christmas post that I think we can all relate too! Merry Christmas! ğŸŽ„

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