Love, Mom

I’m working diligently today preparing for school. The computer program that we use for our main subjects allows messages to be sent between me (the teacher) and my children (the students). So, it is my habit to send them a message to read on their first day of classes each new school year. 
I’d like to share them with you and although Jesse and Josiah are out of high school, I want to include them and their loves.  
If you have children, no matter their ages, don’t assume they know how you feel. Tell them. 

Dear Jared, 

You can do it!

Love, Mom

(I kept his short because he has severe dyslexia and I wanted him to be able to read my message stress free. I’ll be encouraging him more verbally.)

Dear Jonathan,

You are growing up right before my eyes! I believe in you!

Love, Mom

(He turns 12 this week and in that awkward in between age of figuring out this next stage.)

Dear Ruth Denise, 

I see so much potential in you. You can be a world changer. As a Christian, if we truly want to change the world, the change must begin in us. Let this be the year that big changes occur. Do it all as unto the Lord. 

Love, Mom

(She’s my go-getter, over-achiever.)

Dear Stephanie Nicole,

My little namesake, my little girl. You are going to have so many choices this year about who you will be, what kind of person you will become and how you will spend your life. Choose wisely. Always stop and think of what could come from a decision or and action. Dream BIG and don’t be afraid to pursue them. 

Love, Mom

(She tends to be both impulsive and timid.)

Dear Jeremiah,

I love you so much. You are one of my greatest delights in life. Stay close to God, follow Him with the same determination that you have now and you will do mighty things in His name. You can be the difference I the lives of hurting people by pointing them to Jesus. When things are hard, keep trying because you can never fail if you never quit. 

Love, Mom

Dear Jesse, 

From the first moment I saw you, you turned my life upside down and you’re still at it. The first to make me a forever mom and now the first to make me a mother-in-law. Now, you intend to be the first to make me a military mom. Go Jesse Boy Go! Run hard after your dreams and never be satisfied with mediocrity. 

Love, Mom

Dear Josiah, 

You’ve been one of the most determined people I’ve ever known even since you were a little boy who decided he wanted us as a family when we thought we were done adopting. You have a wonderful ability to set your sites on a goal and achieve it. I’m proud of you. I love you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and your path will be straight. 
Love, Mom

Dear Lauren, 

As my first daughter-in-law, you and I are having to learn about how this all works together. You are a beautiful person and you make my son happy. I’m so glad you are a part of our family. I’m so proud of your heart for the things of God and your support for Jesse as he pursues his dreams. 

Love, Momma Rodda

Dear Mikayla, 

As Josiah’s fiancé, you will soon be a part of this family and already a part of our lives for many years. You have been Josiah’s greatest little cheerleader and that means a lot to his momma’s heart. Thank you for loving my son. 

Love, Momma Rodda


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