Been on any bandwagons lately?

A bandwagon might be defined as a cause that has become popular and once the momentum has started, others jump on for the ride. 

Now, I’m all for public awareness. I have often written on my blog, posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter to raise awareness of an issue near and dear to my heart. But, what concerns me is how eager folks are to jump on the most decorated and currently noticed bandwagon of the day while overlooking the more serious issues that we are practically stumbling over. 

I have been pondering this matter and trying to make sense out of the senseless. I’ve lessened my activity on social media a number of times lately to lessen my tendency towards frustration with people so easily influenced, incensed and swayed. What are they thinking? I sometimes ask myself as I read their comments and rants. Myself answers back, that they aren’t thinking at all, their thinking is broken. 

Do you ever visualize a story scene that illustrates a situation? I guess that may just be the creative writer in me. I always enjoyed the parables that Jesus used to teach a truth. So, if I may, let’s consider this scenario. 

There is a great group of people and they are all on this journey. Most of them are on foot and plodding along as best they can. Some are sprinting along now and then when a burst of energy hits. Some have contrived methods to carry their belongings and their children, but they are the exception. 

Some could move along much faster but, they’re assisting others. You might see a tall strapping young man that were it not for the younger ones he is carrying could far out distance the group. You might see a strong determined woman who could obviously carry her own load but, has slowed her pace by relieving the load of those less able. At points they are greatly wearied and sometimes the drudgery of day in and day out discourages them all. Sometimes it seems like they’re getting no where fast. 

I am sorry to say that a great portion of the people begin to divert their eyes from the troubles surrounding them. They find it easier to step over the forgotten child or avoid the struggling elderly or criticize those who have stumbled. Look how much further we travel each day without the burdens of others is what they console themselves with at night. I’ll just mind my own business. That’s not my calling. How will I ever keep up my self-imposed pace if I am bothered with the needy, the broken, the abused, the neglected, the poor, the suffering? We all have our place in the world and mine is to keep moving forward lest I too get left behind. 

Occasionally the mundaneness will be interrupted by the arrival of a bandwagon. Oh the excitement! The fanfare! The colors! The opportunity to escape from doing what they can to make a difference and make a great noise and cause a great ruckus. 

And now you see what I see when people are aboard the latest bandwagon shouting at the top of their lungs about all of the wrongs that need righting in this world and on this journey. But, instead of actually doing something about the injustices they just talk and post and rant and yell and carry on something awful. 

How ludicrous as the hurting, the lonely, the rejected watch with haunted eyes as those who could make a difference ride off on the latest bandwagon with renewed conviction while abandoning them to their own means. They’re not as shocked as you might think, they have grown accustomed to being labeled as a lost cause. 

Of course, that bandwagon never goes far and never solves much of anything with its great noise. Sadly all of that energy that was invested into making a great impression was greatly wasted. 

Are you wasting your energy? Avoiding helping others? Diverting your eyes? Busy riding bandwagons? If so, stop. Just stop. Just hush. Look around, close at hand you will see opportunity to encourage, minister, help and make a difference. Then, when you go to bed at night you won’t have to try and convince yourself that you are living a life of purpose, you will know full well that you are. 


4 thoughts on “Bandwagons

  1. Stephanie, you did it again! You have beautifully worded what I could only feel in my heart. Thank you!

  2. Stephanie, I’m so glad you shared this with me. It is so true. Where are our priorities? Sigh. Blessings, friend! Hate I missed y’all at the SCWC Conference this year. Next year, I hope! 🙂

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