Life can be fun and fulfilling and fabulous but, I’ll tell you one thing it isn’t, it isn’t easy. Even though our struggles may vary, the struggle is real. You know why? Well, lots of reasons but, the one that’s on my heart today is this. Life isn’t easy because people aren’t easy. It’s the truth. 

Whether you’re the mom of a toddler or a divorced woman feeling alienated from your friends or a foster-parent or the caretaker of your aging parent or a public school teacher or a nurse or a struggling college student or any other station in life! People aren’t easy. 

I’m the first to admit I’m not easy. If you’re honest you’ll admit the same about yourself. We all have our quirks and our faults and failings. We have our moments and our moods and our issues. People aren’t easy. 

And that means, relationships aren’t easy, ministry is not easy, parenting is not easy, nursing is not easy, teaching is not easy, caring is not easy, loving is not easy. And YET these are the places we find ourselves, right in the midst of people (who aren’t easy). Do you know why that is? I do. 

We were created for relationship, relationship with God first and foremost and then relationship with other people. 

I was pondering all of this and came across this quote in my notes from George MacDonald. I was encouraged and thought perhaps you would be as well, so I’m passing it on. 

If you are really trying to do what you must and be what you must and yet cannot, remember, you are not necessarily doing it wrong because it isn’t easy. Perhaps it is just the opposite. Maybe the struggles you are facing are because you are indeed trying to make a difference in the lives of others. Remember HE knows that people aren’t easy and life isn’t easy. He knows all about our being. He knows. We can take hope and courage. We can ‘faint not’ because we know that easy isn’t the goal. 


1 thought on “Easy

  1. Reblogged this on Stephanie Rodda and commented:

    What a beautiful reminder! I think I’ll dub this a Faint Not Friday post.
    Anyone else out their a bit weary from the battles of this week? Frustrated at the apparent lack of progress? Concerned that difficult days are soon to be faced?
    Difficult days, difficult people, difficult relationships, difficult lives. As in hard, perplexing, arduous and requiring much labor. But not as in impossible. Faint not friends!

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