Practically everyone I know has, at this precise moment, a perfect opportunity to be anxious. If it isn’t a personal matter like your marriage or your children or your health or your bank account, there’s plenty to be concerned about in our society. Senseless murders, tragic disasters and alarming events continue to happen daily and then flood our minds and hearts with images of sorrow and fear. 

As a matter of fact it is perfectly understandable that more folks suffer from anxiety than ever before. The world is a scary place and due to social media in part, we are barely able to catch our breath before the next bad news is upon us. 

The pressure on families to face the demands of life and not only keep afloat financially but, raise your children to be decent people with a decent education and a decent character are enormous and the perfect pressure pot to simmer anxiety in our minds to a constant low boil. 

Oh, and then lots not forget health issues. Weight gained, blood pressure that is high, feet that ache, migraines that assault, diagnosis’ that alarm, all contribute to the steady state of perfect chaos. 

Who could blame us for less than perfect reactions and words and proper responses when we are in this constant state of frantically fighting the next crisis at hand? No one can blame us but, there is someone who can help us. His name is Jesus, Yeshua, Son of God, God incarnate, Savior, and PRINCE OF PEACE!

He can provide you peace that the world does not offer, peace that passes all understanding and PERFECT PEACE. Perfect, as in customized just for you and your perfect mess. Perfect, as in exactly what you need right this very moment. Perfect. 

Our part? To fix our eyes on Him. No, we aren’t blind to all the storms brewing around us. We see them. We grieve the losses, we prepare, we work hard, we invest, we protect, we improve what we can. But, our focus, is not all these troubles. Our focus is our Lord. The result is trust because when we fix our eyes on Him we find Him trustworthy. 

This is how we can walk in perfect peace when the world is in perfect chaos. Remember, whatever you do, avoid the #peacethieves and one of them is named anxiety. 

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭26‬:‭3‬ ESV)



1 thought on “Perfect

  1. Reblogged this on Stephanie Rodda and commented:

    One year ago today I penned these thoughts. I could have easily written these words today.

    Y’all, if we don’t learn to step back from the perfect chaos, we will never find perfect peace. Avoid the #peacethieves and guard your hearts and minds.

    I hope you’ll take a few moments and read this and then pass it on. Our state of well-being is under attack and the price is high.

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