Finders Keepers

Here we are a week into the new year and some of us have already blown our well-intended resolutions. That fresh start wasn’t as fresh as we might have hoped. As a matter of fact, we may already have become a little disheartened to realize that into this new year we’ve brought along with us last year’s debt, cluttered house, extra pounds and rotten attitude. Oh dear. Now what?

Here’s the thing. One week down and fifty-one weeks to go. We can still do what needs doing. There is still time. It is certainly not time to give up and quit. It is time to move forward, take the next step and keep on keeping on.

I think that sometimes when our hopes are so high we are more susceptible to disappointment. We might could avoid that by avoiding the high hopes. But, that’s no way to live your life. We found courage to have high hopes for our future and the changes that were needed. Now, there’s only one thing to do. Keep hoping. Keep planning. Keep trying. Keep pressing on. Finders keepers.

Even now that the first week of the new year is behind us. Even now when our hopes may feel a bit dashed. Even now when it looks like some things will never change. Even now no matter what. Keep hoping. Keep believing. Keep praying. Keep trusting. Keep loving. Finders keepers.

And most certainly whatever you do, keep your heart on the right course. Keep your body rested. Keep your thoughts in check. Keep your attitude filled with gratitude. Keep guarding that hope that you have found. Finders keepers.

“You will be rewarded for this; your hope will not be disappointed. My child, listen and be wise: Keep your heart on the right course.”
Proverbs‬ ‭23‬:‭18-19‬ NLT

“And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.”
Psalms‬ ‭39‬:‭7‬ NLT

“But I will keep on hoping for your help; I will praise you more and more.” Psalms‬ ‭71‬:‭14‬ NLT



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