The Prince of Peace and Peace-Thieves

Today is December 1st and I could think of no better post than to share this once again. Avoid the #peacethieves !

Stephanie Rodda

As December approached and all the activities that accompany it, my thoughts turned towards peace. Peace on Christmas cards! Peace in Christmas Carols! Peace on earth! It seems that there could be no better season to embrace peace, than this season that we are celebrating.

Unfortunately, like so many other words, peace can be misconstrued to mean something that it doesn’t. So what is peace? Peace can be defined as tranquility, harmony or security. Variations of the word peace are found in the KJV Bible 429 times. There are different sorts of peace. There is inner peace, false peace, peace with God, peace with man. There is perfect peace, perceived peace, peace offerings, peace covenants.

In the Old Testament the primary word for peace is shalom. That word applies strongly to relationships – relationships between people, between nations and with God. It is often tied to a covenant, a promise…

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