I needed to read this again and thought you might want to as well.

Have you ever felt so desperate for things to change, for relief, for an intervention and an interruption in what seemed like a living nightmare that you couldn’t even bring yourself to say it out loud? If so, then you understand how Hannah felt.

Stephanie Rodda

Studying the Bible is unlike studying any other text, at least in my opinion. At first, it is exactly like studying any other written material. You discover the facts, determine the setting, identify the main characters, etc. Next you see spiritual lessons, truths and applications for Christians in general, the church as a whole and these are valuable and worth taking note of. But, then, there is a third dimension, one might call it, where you are reminded clearly that there is more for the person who is willing to be taught. If we will look carefully and listen intently, the Holy Spirit will make it personal. It is one of the remarkable results of sincere Scripture Study. Suddenly, this is not just a story about something or someone from long ago. This is not just a lesson for everyone. It is PERSONAL and your own spirit is quickened by…

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