Write it Down

This morning I’m headed out to attend a writer’s conference. I attended this same conference last year and it was my very first. I left that conference inspired and I must admit, I thought I’d surely have my own published book to share when I returned this year. I’ve made progress. I’ve learned more about how to do what I must do. However, I don’t have a published book, yet. I didn’t reach my goal.

I started this blog a year ago and published my first post as a result of that conference. I’ve been faithful. I’ve gathered a few followers. I am not an overnight sensation. I’m one blogging momma among many. I’m rather like a tiny minnow in a vast ocean of hopeful, talented bloggers.

Last night my youngest asked why I was going to this conference and I didn’t have a quick answer. I had to think about it a while. Why was I going after all? I could just keep working (at a snail’s pace) on the same goals I had last year this time. What was the point?

Now, I have an answer. I am going so that I can keep company with those who are trying to achieve similar goals. I am going to get a fresh focus and be newly inspired and encouraged to keep writing. I am going so that I can learn from those who have traveled the path of publication before me and gain knowledge by sitting in classes and workshops.

There is one other reason that I am spending valuable time, energy and money to attend this conference. That reason is about what i want as a writer. I want to inspire people. I want them to consider adoption differently than they ever have before. I want them to consider Jesus differently than they have before. I want them to give love a chance for there is nothing else quite like the love of a child and the love of a Savior. With these important aspirations, my best tool to accomplish them is to WRITE IT DOWN.

Today that writing is in the form of a blog post once or twice a week and a FB devotions nearly daily. Tomorrow, I will write them in a book.

Now go and write down these words. Write them in a book. They will stand until the end of time as a witness (Isaiah 30:8 NLT)

The printed word is powerful and long lasting and far reaching. It is my passion, my dream, my hope to make a difference in this world far beyond those in my corner of this world.

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