Extravagant Love

All across this land graduations are underway from kindergarten to high school to college. There have been plenty of proud moments and happy tears here in our household and I’m sure that holds true for so many others.

Last night we gathered together with friends and family to celebrate the graduation of one of our sons. What really stood out to me was the wonder and power of extravagant love as the evening progressed. We were SURROUNDED by it.

First there was the church staff and families of the church we have attended nearly six years. The measure of love that has been invested and extravagantly poured into the lives of our children while we called it home, has been astounding. Blessed!

Then there were friends that we have bonded with, grown with and weathered crisis’ with until we are so interwoven into each other’s lives and families, that connection will never be broken no matter how time passes and seasons change.

There was a bounty of love and one of the beautiful moments was the blessing of our son’s birth sister and her family attend as well.

You see, when love is done right and last night it was done right, when love is extravagant, there are no boundaries that can withstand the breathtaking power of LOVE. Love breaks down the walls that would otherwise divide us.

“He broke down the wall of hostility that separated us. (Ephesians 2:14b NLT)



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