Not much more than a week into the New Year and some of us are already discouraged about the broken resolutions that we see scattered about like a bunch of discarded rubbish at our feet. Now what?

One of my all time favorite accounts in the Bible is found in the book of Nehemiah. Within that book, chapter four has been the subject of much study over the years. Nehemiah has gone, with the King’s permission, to supervise the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. The walls of a city signified so much – protection, strength, importance.

At one point in chapter four the efforts to rebuild are being scoffed at. One of the offended laughs at the very thought of the wall being built again. Tobiah says that if even a fox were to walk on the wall it would crumble. Tobiah was a #peacethief . He liked things how they were. He had found himself a comfortable position seated in the vulnerability and neediness of others. He didn’t want things to change.

There’s so much more to share from this passage but, the verse I want to focus on is verse ten.

Then the people of Judah began to complain, “The workers are getting tired, and there is so much rubble to be moved. We will never be able to build the wall by ourselves.” Nehemiah 4:10

As the people who had committed to help with the work that needed doing began to face obstacles, they became discouraged. Not only were the nay-sayers around every corner and taking every opportunity to demoralize them, now they were stumbling on the rubble. Aka rubbish.

They wanted to move forward and were eager to work hard towards a fresh start, but the streets were impassable. The leftovers from the previous destruction were blocking the way of progress. It was time to put away the construction tools and pick up the clearing and cleaning tools.

I think this is where I am this fine January morning. I know what I want to do. I see clearly what it is that I want to accomplish. I stood at the crossroads and pondered the paths before me. I made my choice, the right choice. But, now the path needs clearing.

Don’t feel like you’ve been unnecessarily delayed on your journey to where you are going. This part is a very necessary part. Get a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Get a broom and a dustpan. Get a team of hard working, dedicated, trustworthy folks around you and go at it.

The rubbish of emotional disappointment, past failures and poor choices has slowed you down far too long. Do some house-cleaning in your heart and mind. When that is accomplished, you will be ready to run down resolution road.


2 thoughts on “Rubbish!

  1. That is some sound advice. But I think first I have to do some housecleaning in my actual house. 🙂

    1. I only saw your comment! Thanks for coming by and reading. 🙂

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