Older-Child Adoption

I love to share about adoption and how it has impacted our lives. I will often tell of how God led us in a direction and towards a decision in remarkable ways.

One of the most important adoption decisions we ever made, I was very confused because I had not sensed that direction one way or the other.

In great distress I went to the solid rock that God placed in my life, Henry Rodda. Tears streamed as I told him I just didn’t know what we were suppose to do, that I hadn’t heard from God and I was terrified of making the wrong decision.

It was then that Henry spoke words that I will never forget and deserve to be written down for others to read.

“Sometimes God asks us to do something by putting what needs doing right in front of us.” I knew he was right and we prayed together and took a step into our future with trembling knees.

That decision resulted in adopting our oldest son, Josiah . He wasn’t our first adoption, but he was our first older-child adoption. He came to us at 8 years old and we adopted him at 9. It was challenging for us, for him, for Jesse whom we had already adopted and was one year younger. There were days that I was convinced that he would never accept me as his mom. There were days that I prayed and asked Jesus to love him through me because I had nothing left.

This month he turns 19 and we couldn’t be prouder than we are of the young man he has become. We are very thankful that we did what needed doing. That feisty little 8yo needed a family, that was obvious. What wasn’t so obvious, is how much we needed him. He has stretched us and we have stretched him. We are not the same and we are glad.

He has grown over the last decade in every part of his being. Emotionally, he has learned to trust, to trust us as parents and to trust Jesus as his Savior. Physically, he has become a man right before our eyes and walks with purpose and confidence. Spiritually, he has submitted his life to a personal call to music ministry.

Adopting an older child is not the same as adopting an infant, I’ve experienced both. It is not the same journey. It does, however, have the same destination, the forging of a family. As I often say, and mean sincerely – ‘In the end, love wins.’

What has God put right in front of you that needs doing? Will you answer the stirring in your heart?


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