This morning I was tired and I wanted to close my eyes a little longer but reminded myself that my husband and three oldest would be leaving early to serve in various ways at our church so, I wanted to get up early, fix breakfast for them and be a servant to them. I don’t mean in a subservient manner but to shower love upon them because I wanted to. I felt almost saintly as I yawned my way through the beginnings of sausage biscuits.

The coffee was just made and I was about to take a sip when all heck broke loose. There was a commotion on the back porch (later discovered it was two tom cats) and every dog in the house began barking and trying to get out that door.

The back door is close to where three teen boys were slumbering after working a closing shift last night and I didn’t want them awakened. So, I rushed into the dark room to hush the dogs.

It was there that I encountered two precariously placed brooms left sprawled on the floor. They invited me to dance an impromptu routine that resulted in me joining them in their sprawl across the floor. The performance was brief but invigorating, to say the least.

Jesse burst upon the scene to separate the yowling cats, quiet the hushing dogs and peel his momma off the floor. I’ll laugh about this later, you can feel free to chuckle now.

As I precariously made my way back to the stupid sausage biscuits (I know the biscuits weren’t to blame but I needed to vent) I wasn’t feeling saint like any longer. I was feeling ‘put upon’ and sore! This good intention of mine had left me in a heap on the floor and in pain. Stupid biscuits!

As I’ve contemplated the events of this morning, I found myself thinking of my grandma. I could just imagine her reaction to my encounter. I know exactly what she would have said, “Ain’t that just like the devil.” I smiled at the thought and smirked a smile in agreement.

Yes, it is just like our enemy to set a trap for the well intentioned. You identify a need, decide to press on in spite of how you feel and become a servant in some capacity; nursery volunteer, women’s minister, youth sponsor, event coordinator, etc…

Then all of the sudden all heck breaks loose and before you even get started good, you are in the midst of yowling cats, barking dogs and menacingly placed snares that alarm, distract and entangle you.

In spite of your best intentions you find yourself in a crumpled heap on the floor trying to determine the best way to get up again. You may find yourself feeling quite agitated at your biscuits! And, as Grandma would say, “Ain’t that just like the devil.”

You see, if our enemy can get us alarmed by the unexpected, distracted by the chaos and entangled by the messes you encounter – tripped up and dazed from the fall, he is counting on you staying down for the count.

Right at that very moment, is when Jesus arrives and gives you his strong right arm so you can get up again, try again, serve again. Try not to mumble ‘stupid people’ under your breath as you rub your aching knee and continue about what you’ve set your heart to do.

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