Power of Precedence

Have you ever heard of Zelophehad’s daughters? The vast majority of folks would answer with a resounding, “Who?”. We rarely hear about Zelophehad’s five daughters today, even though they are mentioned by name in the Bible five times (see Num. 26:33; 27:1-7; 36:1-12; 1 Chr. 7:15; Josh. 17:1-6)

“One of Hepher’s descendants, Zelophehad, had no sons, but his daughters’ names were Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah.” Numbers 26:33 NLT

For the first time in recorded history Inheritance Laws were being established. They went something like this. If a man died his land went to his sons. If he had no male descendants it would go to a brother or an uncle or so forth. As long as this was the case the clan would keep the land that was originally assigned to them. However, there was no provision made for the females of the family. None. Now, the male relatives were suppose to see about them, but, they had no rights, no inheritance. That’s just how it was.

These savvy sisters weren’t satisfied to go with the flow and accept the status quo. They presented a petition before Moses who took it to God. That’s right, the REAL Supreme Judge. Let me tell you what they didn’t do. They didn’t sit down and have a pity party. They didn’t throw up their hands in despair. They didn’t choose to accept what was wrong just because everyone else was willing to. They didn’t get on FaceBook and rant. Okay, they couldn’t have done that, but, they didn’t just talk about it, they did something about it. They went through due process and tried to do what had not been done before. They were ready to set a precedent and the power of precedence is far reaching.

“So Moses brought their case before the Lord. “The claim of the daughters of Zelophehad is legitimate. You must give them a grant of land along with their father’s relatives. Assign them the property that would have been given to their father.” Numbers 27:5, 7 NLT

They did it! They presented their case, went through due process and changed not only their future but the future of many other women. Now, there were stipulations and they were still not equal to any male heirs but, they had made a difference.

Is today the day for you to make a difference? Are you ready to lay claim to an inheritance of peace and joy? Are you determined to set a precedence? Are you unwilling to accept status quo just because that’s how it always has been? Perhaps you need to go through due process like these brave ladies. Perhaps when you feel like you don’t have a choice you need to remember that you do have a voice. Perhaps you need to take your petition straight to the throne room through prayer.

Things don’t have to stay the same. We don’t have to look away from injustice and walk away with indifference. You have to care enough about your future and those that come after you to take a chance for change and claim your inheritance.


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