Surely Then it Multiplies

I have always had a heart for discipleship and felt it was an often overlooked practice of our modern church. We can sometimes get so caught up in the ‘big picture’ that we fail to notice the value of one life, one person, one individual.

Over a year ago I had a discussion with a dear friend concerning discipleship, what it looked like and how it worked. Around the same time I attended a Youth Conference with my teen sons where I heard a band sing a song that truly touched my heart and inspired me to begin to disciple on purpose. Below is the link.

The lyrics intrigued me so much and even more so when the story behind the song was told. You can read that at this link.

I was inspired! I went back to my friend and offered to start a discipleship group with just a few ladies. At our first meeting, I read them this poem by Lawrence Tribble that he had written in the early 1700’s and that Leeland had put to music. We were all inspired.

“One man wakes, awakens another
Second one wakes his next door brother
Three awake can rouse a town
And turn the whole place upside down
Many awake will cause such a fuss
It finally awakes all of us
One man wakes with dawn in his eyes
Surely then it multiplies
Surely then it multiplies”

We began to study and learn and pray and CHANGE. We became hungry for the things of God with a new appetite. We were being awakened anew.

I have continued to disciple individuals and am more convinced than ever that this is one of the most impacting, powerful, life changing and ultimately world changing things that I can do.

But the word of God grew and multiplied. (Acts 12:24 KJV

4 thoughts on “Surely Then it Multiplies

  1. Nice post Stephanie! Remember the You Tube bible study you did? I was greatly impacted by that. Kind of got me back on track with my Bible study…which led to me leading a bible study with some ladies in our online forum…then led to me finding this wonderful bible app with tons of study plans so I’ve had something to motivate me everyday for the past year. One little pebble can create many ripples. Thanks!

    1. Stacy, that just made my day. Thank you so much for sharing. What an encouragement. Many blessings.

  2. Stephanie, I went with our youth group to the 2012 youth thing at Orange Beach, Alabama in January, I think it was, and Leeland was there! Is that the one you’re talking about? That would be so cool if we were both there at the same time! I loved Leeland. I thought they were wonderful! Very inspiring! And he is SO YOUNG. And you are right about discipling. It is so very important. In our busy lives, we just don’t take the time with people, and it’s too bad.

    1. Yes!! Orange Beach! How about that? We were destined to meet!
      Very impressive young man. The story about the little Pentecostal land lady brought me to tears.

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