Father’s Day Prayers

I’ve gone to great efforts to make this a special weekend for Henry Rodda. Y’all know how much I think he deserves some special treatment. 🙂

We’ve had special foods like Fried Green Tomatoes yesterday and Taco Salad Supremes today. A watermelon is chilling in the pool to be cut later. All yummy treats.

There were plenty of special gifts and even some cold hard cash to spend as he wished. Each of the seven participated in choosing something Daddy would like. Duck Dynasty shirts, Essential Oils for his honey bees, a honey dispenser, Auburn pjs, new sandals and even a safety mask for woodworking. All good choices.

I put away the honey do list and let him do whatever he wanted. Of course he still worked because, well, in his opinion that’s what men do. Lord knows he always has. But, he had movie time and pool time and fishing time and shopping time. All fun activities.

But, the HIGHLIGHT of this weekend set aside for him was when we followed our tradition of each child praying out loud for him. They say what’s on their own hearts and use their own words. From oldest to youngest, they took their turn.

They took my breath away.

“Thank you Lord that I was chosen to be a son.”

“Bless our dad Lord like he blesses us.”

“I’m so glad my dad adopted me.”

“You knew how much I needed a daddy Lord.”

“Keep our daddy safe Lord.”

“Thank you for giving our dad a good job so we always have food to eat.”

“This day is the day to focus on Daddy, help me remember that. He deserves it.”

Those are just a few of the things that were said. Henry is standing a lot taller. My eyes won’t stop leaking out liquid love. It’s Father’s Day and our Father above has been honored as what I know to be true unfolded before my eyes.

In the end, love wins.


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