There is a ten year age span in our children. The youngest has just turned nine and the oldest will be nineteen in a few months. I still marvel that they are mine; mine to raise and nurture in love and admonition of The Lord. For more than a decade I struggled to produce a child as my husband and I struggled with infertility. When we finally achieved pregnancy, I miscarried two children, a boy and a girl. It seemed we would never ‘go forth and multiply’ as is the natural result of love between a man and woman. Those were dark days.

When The Lord led us to Foster Care and Adoption, I was thrilled to be able to deposit love into the lives of the children that came into our home. I was thrilled beyond measure when seven became our forever children in the eyes of God and man alike through the miracle of adoption.

Now, as I observe my children, the children that God so graciously gave me, I can see that we have been able to ‘go forth and multiply’ in spite of an inability to birth a child.

We have instilled parts of ourselves, our character, our personalities, our values and most importantly, our faith into our children. Like a child that is born to a man and woman, our adopted children have become a blend of myself and the man I love, the best of both of us.

Whether they are playing instruments on stage on clearing up a yard of a widow after a storm, they serve. They are eager to give of money, time and talent. They forgive easily and deal generously with the people they encounter. They believe sincerely, trust confidently and worship joyfully, not only because we do, but because they too have found Him faithful.

I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth. (3 John 1:4 NLT)



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  1. You have SUCH a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you so much! It seems to me you know all about beautiful families.

      1. Just a smidgen…
        I could never get my children to look good altogether like yours!

      2. You should have seen the looks on my teen boys faces when I asked them to let me take a pic in front of the tool display at Lowe’s. They cooperated, but I’m sure they were hoping I never did that again. Ha!

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